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About Us?

Mary Beth DeMarie, President & CEO

Top 10 Staffing, Inc., 100% Woman Owned National / Global Healthcare Staffing Corporation that also supports corporate positions.

Mary Beth DeMarie, President & CEO

Mary Beth DeMarie, the founder of Top 10 Staffing, Inc.,
She is excited to lead a recruiting and staffing company that ensures our Top Talent Delivers Top Talent to our clients. She wants to share her recruiting and C-level consulting and industry experience that ensures our Top Talent to our clients. 

Our Founder, Mary Beth DeMarie
Has delivered top industry rankings throughout her career that includes developing and implementing strategy and innovation. Mary Beth DeMarie is a results-driven, focused, high achieving business woman. She, along with our entire staff, is very personable and offers practical skills to our staff and clients to use the best direct methods for locating talented professionals. As our team leader, she has trained us to achieve quick results for our clients to exceed their every expectation. 

Goal-Oriented Energy
Mary Beth is very goal-oriented, and knows how to channel her boundless energy to get the job done for her clients. She is very persuasive in promoting her ideas and makes decisions with confidence due to her years of success in the recruiting and staffing industry. Our leader enjoys the daily challenges of searching for and matching top talent with the companies and businesses that need it. As a versatile and eager self-starter, you can count on Mary Beth to make your staffing needs her top priority to quickly achieve your goals.   


Mary Beth DeMarie is proud to be born and raised in the Chicagoland area, and to have become a prominent a top ranking healthcare and corporate staffing provider.

San Diego

While proving Local/ National / Global Staffing, Mary Beth DeMarie has had the pleasure of residing in San Diego, CA for 4+ years.  During this time she is proud of her staffing leadership and positive impact in California as well the community.


Arizona has been like a second home to Mary Beth DeMarie, and has had family residing here for many years.  Arizona has strong healthcare organizations with a solid corporate community and continuing to grow.  She and Top 10 Staffing, Inc are excited to making a positive impact in Arizona's Healthcare Systems and Corporate Community.